Welcome to Man’s Fine Life!

A very hearty welcome to Man’s Fine Life, the site dedicated to the finer things in a guy’s life: wine, women, song and cool toys.  The staff and I will endeavor to give you our experienced perspective on the many forces that influence a man’s life today and the little things we can do for ourselves to have more fun and, yes, look and be a little cooler.  We’ll be focusing on lifestyle issues, some thoughts on fashion for all budgets and a healthy amount of sports talk with a special emphasis on auto racing (think F1 not Nascar).  There will also be special features on the addictive joys of vintage watches and the iconic manly personalities of the past.  Basically anything that interests a man today except for politics and career talk…because, well, that’s boring as hell.

We hope you’ll join us on our little adventure here and if all goes well, I think were going to have a ball.  Here’s to ya, gents–it really is a fine life!

Lord Jim, Editor-in-Chief